Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fundraising has begun!!

Dear family and friends,

I would like to invite you into a journey on which I am embarking. Three years ago I came to faith and God filled my life with joy. In discovering what it means to live a life with God, I have learned that it means to give myself away and live for others more so than living for myself. The last three years have been an adventure and have birthed the dream of becoming a missionary and living overseas to help others using the skills that God has given me. God has moved me from elementary school teaching to working for my church in global outreach and getting a Masters in Ministry and Intercultural Studies. After so much transformation, it is with great excitement that I am able to share how life is changing again… I will be moving to India in October 2012, until January 2014, as a missionary with a team of five other people. I cannot describe to you the excitement, joy, and slight feeling of being overwhelmed that this decision has created. Yet, I know and trust that this is right and have begun preparations for moving to India.

I will be part of a residency team of six people from ROCKHARBOR Church who will be partnering with Harvest India (HI), an Indian organization that shares the Gospel and ministers to the poor. My team will live in Southeast India, in Tenali, at the epicenter of the ministry of HI. In addition to serving in day to day ministry with HI, our focus will be:
·         Teaching English at primary-aged and college-aged schools (which I am so excited about!).
·         University outreach and community building initiatives at multiple university campuses, in
addition to equipping leaders for a university-focused church plant.
·         Walking alongside Harvest India as we teach them about a new sustainable farming initiative
      called Aquaponics. We are hoping that this project will help continue to move them in the
              direction of becoming financially self-sustained. (For more info, visit atlasinitiatives.wordpress.com).

In light of my passion for God’s work in India, I would love it if would partner with me in this journey through prayer and financial support that allows for this full time ministry.  I have committed to raise $25,000 over the course of my two-year commitment (which includes months of preparation before moving). This covers travel costs, monthly living expenses in India, and ministry efforts. In more manageable terms, I am fundraising $1,150 every month for the next 22 months. That means that if 23 people choose to support me for $50 a month I will be fully fundraised. However, I want to stress that my hope is for you to be captured by the calling that God has placed on my heart and considering giving in support of it, not with an emphasis in the amount, but as an investment in me and the work God is doing in India. May you be blessed in any financial sacrifice you choose to make on my behalf.

 If you would like to make a support donation, please visit my ROCKHARBOR fundraising website
https://rockharbor.webconnex.com/residency/hamilton. Please note that donations are tax deductible and non refundable. (If you’d rather write a check, please make donations payable to ROCKHARBOR Church. Please do not write my name or the country anywhere on the check and mail to ROCKHARBOR Church, attn: India Residency / Kacie Hamilton.  3095 Redhill, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.)
**Follow our team blog (http://rhindiaresidencyteam.blogspot.com) and my personal blog (http://kaciehamilton.blogspot.com) for updates along the way! Thank you for your faithful prayers, financial support, and being a part of my journey that allows me to live out this calling!**

Much Love,